No enterprise is insured against bankruptcy proceedings. Any enterprise that cannot respond to its obligations to creditors may face this problem.
Besides companies, individual persons may be recognized as a bankrupt.

Help for debtors in bankruptcy
Bankruptcy is a court declared inability for a legal entity or person to cover their debts. The according declaration can be filed by a legal entity to a court in the Russian Federation if the debt consists of over 300 thousand rubles and is overdue for longer than 3 months. Debtors often view bankruptcy as a way to free themselves of bad debt. Such views are correct, because any debts left uncovered during various bankruptcy procedures, are written off.

However, there's another side to this "medal": possible subsidiary and criminal liability for persons in control of the legal entity. To avoid such liabilities, legal entities in debt should enlist the support of competent attorneys, who can negate all potential risks for the persons controlling the entity and their chief accountant.

To protect the rights of debtors in bankruptcy, our attorney office offers the following services:

  • Full legal support of the bankruptcy procedure for legal entities, including the services of a liquidator (liquidation commission).
  • Nomination of an arbitration manager.
  • Full legal support of bankruptcy procedures for persons.
  • Nomination of a financial manager.
  • Preparation of all the documents necessary to submit a declaration of bankruptcy to court.
Help for creditors during bankruptcy
If a creditor is struggling to recover debt, the correct solution would be to file for their debtor's bankruptcy. The law provides effective tools for recovering debt, for example, challenging transactions and returning property to the general mass of a bankrupt's estate. If the persons controlling the legal entity are at fault for the financial crash, there is a big chance of them answering for the entity's debts.

If the case is handled by competent lawyers, difficult debts can be returned to the creditor. Our attorneys offer the following services:

  • Filing for a debtor's bankruptcy.
  • Nomination of an arbitration manager.
  • Legal and accounting support for the arbitration manager.
  • Submitting our appointor's claim to the creditor's register of a bankrupt.
  • Appealing unlawful dismissal of our appointor's claim into the creditor's register of a bankrupt.
  • Recovering debt from appointors.
  • Dispute resolution concerning property belonging to the debtor.
  • Disputing the arbitration manager's actions (inaction) (in the case, when the arbitration manager is appointed by a third party).
  • Filing for subsidiary liability of parties at fault for leading the legal entity to bankruptcy.
  • Uncovering and recovering the debtor's property in possession of third parties.
  • Filing for an expertise in order to uncover signs of premediated bankruptcy or fraudulent bankruptcy.
  • Involvement and participation in creditor's meetings.
  • Disputing results of creditor's meetings.
  • Disputing the debtor's transactions.
  • Carrying out voluntary settlement in bankruptcy.
  • Other measures for debt recovery.

Full legal support of the arbitration manager's work
An arbitration manager's work is diverse and complicated. Since bankruptcy is closely connected with law, economics and management, the arbitration manager can't do without comprehensive support from third party specialists.
Our specialists offer the following services to arbitration managers:

  • Assisting the arbitration manager in keeping the creditor's register and holding creditor's meetings.
  • Disputing unlawful claims from creditors.
  • Preparing a financial analysis of the debtor.
  • Preparing a report on the presence/absence of signs of premediated bankruptcy or fraudulent bankruptcy.
  • Preparing a report on the presence/absence of basis for disputing the debtor's transactions.
  • Preparing and holding creditor's meetings.
  • Preparing an inventory and inspection report.
  • Debt recovery in bankruptcy.
  • Uncovering and recovering the debtor's property in possession of third parties.
  • Valuation of the debtor's property.
  • Organizing and holding auctions of the debtor's property.
  • Full accounting support of the debtor's work.
  • Negating risks of subsidiary liability.
  • Other measures.

          We guarantee the highest quality of the aforementioned services and competent legal help at any and every stage of bankruptcy procedures for legal entities acting as debtors or creditors, as well as arbitration managers!

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