Contract law
When drafting a contract, it is necessary to understand both by the theoretical knowledge of the law and consider the current court precedent.
Any transaction must comply with the law.

Our law office provides a wide range of services within the framework of contractual law on the issues of registration of relations with contractors, as well as support of transactions related to the economic activities of companies (foreign trade contracts, loans, concession, supply of goods, provision of services, assignment of the right of claim (cession), pledge, surety, etc.), namely:
Preparation of draft contracts with a set of related documents (acts, agreements, specifications, etc.), changes and additions under existing contracts
Legal analysis of existing contracts for compliance with the law, possible risks and interests of the principal
Legal services for the settlement of disputes and disagreements in the conclusion, execution, amendment and termination of contracts
Preparation and conduct of contract termination events, incl. judicially
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