Family and inheritance law
In even the most sensitive situations, our law office provides comprehensive assistance in family and inheritance matters:

Counseling and legal assistance in the preparation and conclusion of marriage contracts between spouses, various agreements between former spouses: on the division of property, on the procedure for exercising parental rights, on determining the place of residence of minors, on the payment of alimony;
Judicial representation in cases involving the dissolution of a marriage, division of property of spouses, disputing the validity of marriage contracts, determining the place of residence of children and the procedure for communicating with children, on the recovery of alimony;
Providing legal assistance on inheritance and inheritance rights;
Representing the interests of principals at the notary;
Representing the interests of principals in courts of general jurisdiction in cases involving challenging wills and recognizing the right of ownership of inherited property, establishing the fact of kinship and other facts of legal significance.
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