The Center for Business Rehabilitation: financial recovery of debtor companies will help the development of the Russian economy
On February 27, 2020, the Council of the Federation Committee on the House Rules and Parliamentary Performance Management held a meeting of the working group, which considered the legislative proposal for the establishment of a "Center for Business Rehabilitation".

The concept of the "Center for Business Rehabilitation" at the meeting was presented by Sergey Gayevsky, Managing Partner of the Law Office "Zashchita". The Center for Business Rehabilitation is being established with the aim of implementing managerial functions aimed at preventing bankruptcies and reestablishing debtor solvency. The Center for Business Rehabilitation is proposed to be created in the form of a public not-for-profit organization, and will provide support and assistance to entrepreneurs in maintaining and developing their business.

Sergey Gayevsky believes that the activities of the CBR (The Center for Business Rehabilitation) will help increase the level of confidence of entrepreneurs to the state and to the measures of the state support, as well as increase entrepreneurial activity.

Contacting the "Center for Business Rehabilitation" will allow entrepreneurs to receive informational, analytical and legal assistance; restructure debt obligations; attract a special administrator (rehabilitator) & investor to prevent bankruptcy and restore solvency; get help in preparing documentation for participation in the tender and obtaining a state contract; get tax breaks for the period of implementation of the rehabilitation plan and other benefits.

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