Bankruptcy - 2019: Insights and Topical Issues Annual Conference held by the Kommersant Publishing House
February 15, 2019 Moscow, st. Tverskaya, 3, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Moscow Hall.

The institute of bankruptcy is developing very rapidly in modern realities: practically all Russian company faces this area in one way or another.

Lawmakers and regulatory agencies are also active in this area, successfully regulating everything that in one way or another concerns the insolvency of legal entities and individuals.

Many, if not all, areas of work of law firms and law departments are embroiled in the orbit of the bankruptcy process: with an eye to it, we have to resolve numerous disputes in the field of labor, tax, civil, inheritance, criminal law, to understand the intricacies of property management, its valuation and revaluation.

At the conference held by the Kommersant Publishing House, we will try to sort out these and other common issues, understand how to solve problems arising from bankruptcies keeping an eye to the best practices, regulators, counterparties and partners.

Sergey Gaevsky will be a speaker at the event.