New ways for real estate registration
February 08, 2019

We would like to remind you that from February 1, 2019, notaries are required to submit in electronic form a statement on state registration of rights and documents attached thereto to the body carrying out state cadastral registration and state registration of rights.

Registration of property rights by the Rosreestr, as well as registration of other real rights or their encumbrances, as a general rule, is made on the basis of an application filed by an appropriate person.

An application for state registration of property rights can be submitted in person to the Rosreestr or the MFC (if the property is located in Moscow, then only through the MFC), by mail, through the Gosuslugi online website or the website of the Rosreestr. The filing of documents by a notary has so far been a unique paid service offered by very few notaries.

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