How to act if the leased equipment is broken and the supplier accuses you of damaging it
April 05, 2019

If the leased equipment breaks down, and the supplier demands that you to pay to repair it, do not rush to pay, if you are sure that you have operated the equipment without violating the operating instructions and did not take any action that would damage it.

Remember that in accordance with paragraph 1 of Art. 612 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the lessor is responsible for the shortcomings of the leased property, which fully or partially interfere with its use, even if he was not aware of these shortcomings at the time of concluding the lease agreement.

Therefore, you should carefully review the contract and all the documents you have in your hands.

It is important to determine the distribution of responsibilities between you and the landlord for the keeping and maintenance of leased equipment, as well as to study the history of breakdowns and equipment repairs prior to signing the lease agreement. Pay attention to the timely replacement of consumables, technical liquids, worn-out parts and assemblies by the lessor.

Our employee was able to prove in a difficult legal dispute the illegitimacy of the claims made to the Principal regarding the repair of equipment and the losses caused to the lessor.

Elena Tovkan