The procedure for the return of funds from the court`s deposit account
June 10, 2020

In order to implement the provisions of Articles 94, 106, 107, 108, 109, and 110 of the Arbitration Procedure Code of the Russian Federation and Articles 96, 97, 143 of the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, a deposit account is opened in each court. Amounts of money are deposited to the deposit account by people participating in the case, in the manner of collateral when the court considers applications for interim measures, as well as by people who have applied for participation in the case of an expert (or experts) or call witnesses who are paid remuneration at the expense of funds credited to the deposit account.

The person who the money deposited to on the court's deposit should apply to the court which the money was transferred to with a statement (petition) for the return (payment) of money indicating the details of their bank account. The transfer of funds from a personal (deposit) account is carried out by the financial and economic department of the court (office) only on the basis of a judicial act. If the funds are transferred to the court by mistake, then a judicial act is not required.

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