It is possible to recognize a debt as hopeless after the expiration of the limitation period without taking measures to collect it
May, 11 2021

The Ministry of Finance of Russia clarified the specifics of recognizing a debt as uncollectible for tax purposes (letter of the Tax Policy Department of the Ministry of Finance of Russia No.03-03-06/2/10482 dated February 16, 2021).

The norms of tax legislation define the grounds on which a debt can be recognized as hopeless (clause 2 of Article 266 of the Tax Code). So, in particular, bad debts (debts that are unrealistic to collect) are those debts of a taxpayer for which the established limitation period has expired, as well as those debts for which, in accordance with civil legislation, the obligation is terminated due to the impossibility of its fulfillment, on the basis of a state agency act or liquidation of the organization.

As the Ministry points out, when writing off a debt, a taxpayer can attribute it to bad debts for each of the above reasons separately. For example, a written-off debt is recognized as hopeless on the basis of the expiration of the established limitation period, regardless of the measures taken to enforce such debt.

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