Meeting solutions using multiple media
May, 31 2021

Due to the use of various means of communication, remote work by many companies, the deputies introduced a bill (the draft of a Federal Law No. 1158774-7) in order to amend the Civil Code aimed at clarifying the formats for holding meetings.

When making decisions by meetings of participants of legal entities, owners, creditors in bankruptcy and representatives of other civil law communities, various forms of communication by participants of meetings are used, in connection with which, in practice, questions about the form of holding (participation) of the meeting may arise.

The meeting is suggested to be considered face-to-face, even if it is held online, for example via a web conference. A condition for remote participation in a meeting will be the use of any method that allows to identify a participant, discuss agenda items and vote.

Participants will also be able to conduct absentee voting (without being present), and the completed documents with the voting results will be able to be sent by electronic means of communication.

In this case, the protocol will additionally need to reflect:

- method of remote participation in a meeting - for face-to-face form;

- method of sending documents with voting results - for correspondence form;

- data on those who voted against the decision and demanded to make a record about it in the minutes;

- information on the course of the meeting or on the course of voting, if the participant requires it to be entered into the minutes, etc.

The authors of the bill assume that the changes should be in effect from June 1 in relation to meetings, all messages about the holding of which are sent to community members after that day.

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