In St. Petersburg, the volume of trading in property of bankrupts has quadrupled
One of the main areas of activity the Moscow Law Office "ZASCHITA" is a legal support of bankruptcy proceedings.
At the request of the well-known Internet publication "" (orig.«Фонтанка.ру»), the managing partner of the Moscow Law Office "ZASCHITA" Sergey Gaevsky commented on the situation at the sites for the sale of bankruptcy property:
"Firstly, this market in its current form is still relatively new. It is just being formed, and large investors treat it with a certain degree of caution. Secondly, highly liquid assets are put up for auction at a value as close as possible to the market value, which makes them not so attractive. In addition, the asset which is purchased at the auction is risky, since the results of the auction may be challenged, and the sale transaction may be invalidated. "

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